Business with a social conscience. Throughout its more than 3 decades of existence, CREBA’s actions have been guided by the overriding philosophy that the greater interest of the greatest number is always the paramount concern, and that sustaining public faith in real estate transactions is essential to the industry’s continuing progress.

Anywhere in the world, land and housing development is recognized as the primary catalyst for economic and social progress. CREBA’s vision is to enable its members to effectively fulfill their respective roles in this regard.

It is toward this end that CREBA has etched in its By-Laws the following goals:

  • To instill, encourage and promote awareness among its members that ownership, development, construction, conservation, management and disposition of land and real property are imbued with public interest, and that in all relations with the public the members should at all times temper self-interest with concern for the general welfare.
  • To integrate, correlate, harmonize and mage the activities of the Chamber in a manner that would best promote national growth and economic stability.
  • To initiate and undertake studies on ways by which the homeless may be provided with homes of strength, durability, form, function and utility at reasonable cost.
  • To initiate, encourage, and maintain effective cooperation with Government and other economic and social sectors towards formulation of programs and policies that would foster national development and provide a conductive environment for members to effectively participate in nation building.