The Founder


Atty. Manuel M. Serrano


Lawyer, law professor, foreign affairs officer, land and housing developer, agro-industrialist, and the widely-acknowledged epithet of “real estate guru” of the Philippines – these are some of the credentials associated with Atty. Manuel M. Serrano, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the CREBA Board of Directors.

From the time he founded the Chamber in the early ‘70s, he has continued to preside over its Board meetings and provide the brain thrust and statesmanship that yielded some of the most influential legislative and policy initiatives that have shaped the housing and real estate industry in the Philippines as we know it today.

Holder of a Master of Laws degree in Business Law from New York University and steeped in Constitutional Law, Political Law, and Administrative Law, Atty. Serrano has personally drafted landmark legislative bills affecting the housing and real estate industry and lobbied successfully for their passage in both chambers of the Philippine Congress.

Atty. Serrano is an articulate writer and speaker on the social, political, legal, economic, and financial dimensions of housing and real estate in the Philippines. He is author of most of the official CREBA advocacies and position papers that have found their way through the years into the legislature as well as the executive and judicial branches of government.

In both government and private sectors, his views are held in high esteem. In more ways than one, the professional image and reputation that CREBA now enjoys is a reflection of the influence that Manuel M. Serrano has wielded in the country and the industry as a whole.

Under his stewardship, the CREBA spirit shone ever so brightly and its ideal for millions of Filipino families to own a home became a reality.