Major CREBA Position Papers

CIRCA 2006: Land Administration Reform Act (LARA) ~ A Substitute¦amp;nbsp; Bill drafted¦amp;nbsp;by CREBA, incorporating its position on the major features of the proposed law aiming to jump-start the land titling reform process by integrating the various agencies¦amp;nbsp;involved in land administration, registration and titling. (November 2006)

CIRCA 2005 : Jueteng Legalization ~ Proposing the legalization of jueteng as a non-inflationary tax measure, in lieu of increasing the VAT and petroleum tariff by 2% which would trigger hyperinflation. It is estimated that a 25% jueteng tax would generate for the government P164 billion annually, compared to only P54 billion projected to be raised out of the hiked VAT and petroleum tariff combined (January 2005).


Amendments to PD 957 & BP 220 Rules
~ Position on the HLURB’s proposed revisions to the Implementing Rules of PD 957 and BP 220. Ninety-five percent of the recommendations were adopted. (Circa 2002)

Comprehensive Homebuyer Financing Program (CHFP) ~ Proposal to institute a centralized shelter finance system characterized by permanence, stability, adequate funding, viability for all players, and long-term sustainability. (2002 Revision; Recommendations pending before Congress)

Constitutional Challenge: Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT) on Sales of Real Property and Minimum Corporate Income Tax (MCIT) ~ Petition filed before the Supreme Court against the BIR Revenue Regulations imposing a CWT. Includes the Reply to the Solicitor-General’s Comment on the Petition. (Circa 2003; Pending before the Supreme Court)

Documentary Stamps Tax ~ Position paper against the 233% increase in documentary stamps tax on all loan instruments. (Circa 2004)

Idle Lands Tax ~ Recommendation to increase the Idle Lands Tax and rationalize its implementation, as an impetus to more productive use of land and as a revenue-generating measure for local governments. (Circa 1998)

Interest Rate Ceiling ~ Recommendations for a legislated interest rate ceiling and ancillary measures, in order to permanently stabilize interest rates and in one stroke resolve the major economic problems of, among others: low wages, high prices, low investment level, unemployment, government fiscal deficit. (2001 Revision)

Land Access ~ Recommendations to rationalize implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to conform to the provisions of law and Constitution, with a brief legal analysis and presentation of the problems hampering development of lands for non-agricultural purposes. Includes a draft Executive Order. (2002 Revision)

National Land Use Act ~ Position submitted to Congress against several Bills filed for the enactment of a National Land Use Act that would preserve virtually all of the country’s lands exclusively for agricultural and agrarian reform. (Version 2002)

Party List ~ Position Paper and Petition filed with the Supreme Court to annul a Comelec Resolution disqualifying “non-marginalized” organizations from Party List participation. (Circa 2001)

Socio-Economic Framework ~ Recommended package of measures comprising an entire framework for speedy social and economic advancement. (Circa 2003)